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Proud Affiliated Installers Of Guardian™ Warm Roofs

Does your conservatory roof need replacing? Is your conservatory too cold in winter? Do you wish you could use your conservatory all year round? Finally, there is a perfect solution: installation of a Guardian™ Warm Roof.

What Is A Guardian™ Warm Roof?

A Guardian™ Warm Roof is a beautiful, fully insulated, soundproof, and tiled roof. It is installed on your existing conservatory, replacing the original glass roof. They are made from only the finest, high-quality materials. As a result, energy efficiency, style and durability are maximised.

Guardian™ Warm Roof Installation East Devon

Are you looking for Guardian™ Warm Roof installation in East Devon? If so, look no further than Exmouth Windows Ltd. We offer a range of stylish options, to help make your roof unique to your home. For a high-end, patented, guaranteed product, give our experts a call on 01395 277855. All our solutions are available to customers across Exmouth, Exeter, Sidmouth, Budleigh, Exton, and Lympstone.

Why Install A Guardian™ Warm Roof?

Tailor Made To Reflect Your Style

Guardian™ Warm Roofs are built to meet your exact needs. There are various options you can choose from to personalise the roof, such as various slate options and colours. In addition, you have the option to choose the style of the roof. Style choice is extensive, choose from Victorian or Edwardian, gable ended or bespoke. The choice is yours.

Furthermore, there is a whole range of internal and external finishes to consider. For example, choice of tiles and the installation of skylights.

Contact Exmouth Windows Ltd

If the idea of a Guardian™ Warm Roof sounds like an exciting prospect, why not visit us to discuss the options? For more information and to request a quote, contact us today on 01395 277855.

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