Balustrades make an elegant addition to any area which has a staircase or railings. Balustrade solutions are becoming an increasingly popular feature for both modern and traditional properties. Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, our installations are compatible both indoors and outdoors. Balustrades will enhance the appearance of your home, adding elegance and a touch of class.

Vast Range to Match Any Style

Here at Exmouth Windows Ltd, we have a vast range of balustrades and balusters to choose from, to suit any style and budget. Our balustrade range is available in a variety of designs to complement your home. Our range includes steel, glass, stone, and frameless options.  Steel options are available in a range of exquisite designs to complement your home. Stone balustrades offer a traditional majestic appearance. Glass is an excellent option that allows maximum penetration of natural light.

In addition to improving the appearance of your home, balustrades also provide safety where installed. All our balustrades are aesthetically pleasing; however, some styles may be more suitable where accessibility is an important factor. Our team will be able to demonstrate the full range, helping you choose the best solution for your individual needs. 

Professional Balustrade Installation Service

Exmouth Windows Ltd has extensive experience in the installation of balustrades and balusters. Therefore, you can relax in the knowledge that we will provide a professional installation service while ensuring relevant building regulations are adhered to. We work with each of our customers to find the perfect design and all installations are made to measure, meeting your exact requirements.

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